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Rechargeable Dog Training Collar (2 Collars)

Rechargeable Dog Training Collar (2 Collars)

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We want simple and effective dog training in the palm of your hand. We heard you, yes we do. People often over-research when it comes to dog training collar. There's ton of dog training collar on the market, and some even cost a few hundred to own one. It might has its distinctive features, but after all, even the pro dog trainer only needs two critical functions from a dog training collar:

  • Effectively correct bad behavior over time
  • User friendly

A lot of people misunderstand that a dog training collar can change dog's behavior instantly. There's a need to adjust this misconception. The primary purpose of a dog training collar is to extend the reach of your ability to correct your dog over time. It works eventually, but it takes time. Therefore patient is much needed for every dog owner, especially for a beginner trainer.

This is the reason why we're sure that Petrainer Dog Training Collar is the one for every beginner trainer. We're well aware that different latest model is coming out now and then, but this has everything that we need to correct a dog's bad behavior efficiently for a novice trainer. Another essential feature that a beginner trainer couldn't miss, it is dummy proof.

  • Rechargeable lithium batteries for the collars and the remote
  • Waterproof
  • Range: 330 Yard
  • Training Level: 100 Level of Shock, 100 Level of Vibration,1 Level of Tone
  • Power saving designed. Automatic standby mode
  • Ergonomic transmitter
  • Light mode available for better sight during low light condition
  • Collar size is 14-24 inches long. Suitable for all dog weighted 10 lbs and above.

It is designed for the common household dog, to accommodate a stroll at the park or training in the backyard. The perfect system to change disobedience behavior like excessive barking, jumping up, bolting, digging, selective hearing, and more.

The result shows in a few days averagely. Eligible For FREE Worldwide Shipping. Add to Cart Now and Start Your Training Today!