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German Shepherd Has The Cutest Reaction Upon Realize Being Left Alone (video)

Have you ever wonder what the reaction of your furry is upon realizing that you're not behind as you were? Will he be worry? Or he is independent enough that he just doesn't care? This German Shepherd has the best reaction ever, and his worry face would melt your heart for sure.This lovely buddy named Dogbert was walking with his human, Trevor Donovan. He set this up just to see how would he react upon realizing he is not behind and the video went viral with millions views and share. He brought him out without a collar, knowing that he's a good boy who is calm enough to handle distraction. You can see from the video that he often looked...

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Puppy Shakes His Butt While Eating is Way Too Cute (Video)

" The wait is too much to bear, and it's finally over!! WooHoo, It's been 2 minutes since my breakfast, and my human is torturing me. "Sometimes we need to swear that we did feed our furry because it seems like they're always in the hungry mode. Every meal they eat as if it is the first meal of the day after the long night. How can he want more after just ate a super big size breakfast that is equivalent to an English breakfast? What's inside the little tummy? If you own a dog, you probably asked yourself one of these questions.Canine behaviorist link dogs' big appetites to their scarcity mindset: Food is a limited resource, and therefore you...

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Golden Retriever Who Thinks She's a Baby Refuses to Give Up Pacifier. Never-Grow-Up (Video)

  No no no you're not gonna take my pacifier away from me. You go away your stinky hand. I'm gonna protect my asset, and you're not gonna take it from me. Just leave me alone~~This adorable grown up Golden Retriever made that "scary" noise when her dad tried to grab her asset - her favorite pacifier LOL. According to her owner, she enjoyed the game so much, and she doesn't want him to stop trying to take it. The wagging tail as if trying to say come on, you aren't going to give up that easily. This is like a little love game between the two of them. She doesn't like to share at all when she grabbed something,...

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