This Corgi Has The Best Facial Expression Ever When It Comes to Getting a Massage (Video)

corgi has the best facial expression when it comes to massage

Your furry loves it when you pet him, rub his belly and scratch his head. It is the sign of love for them. However, dogs are just like the human, and most of them couldn't be happier if you offer them a full body massage.

This spoiled brat has a better life than most of us. He is so blessed to have massage almost every day. Meet Trutti, a corgi that enjoys the massage to its fullest.

His owner love to give him full body massage, started from the little face and head, next to his neck that got a bit sore as he has been chasing cats for all day long. She then goes to his shoulder that got tired of supporting his body. Next, it's time for his short hands and the fat tummy :)

Trutti closes his eyes during the whole process, can barely open his eyes only when he's being called. It is so cute to see his chubby short legs got the massage and we bet he loves it so much.

It might seem silly, but it's beneficial for your buddy. It reduces stress (yea they have stress too) and anxiety, increases dog circulation and promotes overall well-being.

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