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Reaction of This Dog Sneaks into Baby's Room is Just Hilarious

The primary purpose of CCTV is for indoor security to make sure there's no possible dangerous occur. Ordinarily, newborn parents would installed it to keep everything on track and to make sure their baby is not exposed to any bad situation.This is an excellent invention, and we love it. However, every now and then they would capture something else. Some are scary. Some are out of natural like what we saw in the ghost movie, while this one that we're about to share is just hilarious to the maximum level.This dog named Beef is funny to the max. He was caught on the camera crawling into baby's room. As if the way he squirmed is not entertaining enough, what he...

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Adorable Puppy Bark in Sleep Would Melt Your Heart For Sure (video)

Puppy is sometimes demanding. They want to play, eat and pleading for attention. When you think it is finally some peaceful time after they fall asleep, they bark in sleep to make sure you had not forgotten them.This behavior is entirely natural and nothing to worry. Dog have dream just like us human do. This adorable puppy bark during sleep is the cutest bark you would ever hear today. We can never tell what they dream about, and they're unable to tell us what they have seen in their dream. However, it is very likely that their dreams are related to the activities they had during the day. They are reliving a memory of a situation just like this puppy...

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