Samoyed Puppy Asks to Leave Him Alone in The Fridge (Video)

samoyed puppy loves to sleep in fridge

Mom, shut the door and leave me alone! You're letting the cold out. I just want a place to cool off or maybe just a little short nap. Well, who needs a bed when you can sleep in the fridge. You need not worry about me, although here's not as soft as my bed but I'm okay. You may close the door and go now.

Some dogs are silly, and we all know that. They're the source of happiness, and one silly act can make our day. This little Samoyed puppy is one of them. He's trying his best to do what he wants to do. This time he doesn't want to be hot dog, so he found the best spot to chill - Refrigerator

Was he looking for a sweet treat? Will he finish all the food inside the fridge? Just not this time. He wants a cozy nap in the coldest place he can ever find in the whole house. His owner trying her level best to pull this giant "polar bear" out from the fridge but he's not moving at all.

Eventually, she managed to pull him out, but he gets back up in seconds. Watch the video and see how she got him out finally.


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