Puppy Shakes His Butt While Eating is Way Too Cute (Video)

puppy shakes butt while eating

" The wait is too much to bear, and it's finally over!! WooHoo, It's been 2 minutes since my breakfast, and my human is torturing me. "

Sometimes we need to swear that we did feed our furry because it seems like they're always in the hungry mode. Every meal they eat as if it is the first meal of the day after the long night.

How can he want more after just ate a super big size breakfast that is equivalent to an English breakfast? What's inside the little tummy? If you own a dog, you probably asked yourself one of these questions.

Canine behaviorist link dogs' big appetites to their scarcity mindset: Food is a limited resource, and therefore you shouldn't stop eating when you get any chance. Therefore most of the dog just never seem satisfied with the feeding they're getting and want more. (But that's adorable isn't it?)

Like this cute little pup who's shaking his butt while enjoying his lunch is way too sweet. We're wondering if we should call that as lunch or brunch though.

Enjoy the video and share it out :)

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