Jealous Dog Wants Attention (Video)

jealous dog that wants attention

We all know that jealousy happens in most of the relationship. However, do you know that it occurs among dog as well? Dog owners that own more than one dog know what I'm trying to say here. This is so hilarious that will make your day.

A recent study done at the University of California San Diego shows that dog does feel jealous especially when it was given a brother or sister. When dog owner pays attention to a realistic looking stuffed dog that makes sound and movable among other different objects, they're more engaged and tried to grab back his human's attention by barking, whining or biting.

Besides that, they will even get jealous when you're doing intimate behavior with another family member like hugging and kissing. They will get in between as if saying you're not supposed to have fun without me.

Dogs want their share of great things you provide: foods, water, soft bed, toys and the two core of everything, which is your time and love. Sometimes a belly rub and head-scratching are what they want after waiting for hours just to see you at home.


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