How to Train Your Dog to Wait Before Eat

The Most Obedience and Smart Dog Ever

Dog obedience training is essential to build a two-way relationship with your buddy. It is one of the responsibilities for every dog owner to create a genuinely strong owner-dog relationship that based on trust.

One of the training, Food Bowl Control is how you train your buddy to wait before eating. They also learn not to be aggressive toward food through this practice. It is however in their nature to think that food is a limited resource, and therefore they usually gulp in down within seconds.

So how do we train our dog to wait before eating? Here're the steps:

  1. Start with a food bowl that filled up with food
  2. Having the bowl handed at your waist level at first, then lower the bowl slowly toward the floor
  3. You goal is to get the bowl down to your knee level, without having your buddy moving toward the bowl
  4. If he moves toward you, raise up the bowl to your waist level again
  5. If he's not moving toward you when you get the bowl to your knee level, CLICK, give him some food in the bowl
  6. Repeat two or three times. 
  7. Once he understands what's going on and be patient enough, start your new goal: Get the bowl a little bit lower than your knee without him moving toward you.
  8. Until you put the bowl on the floor without him dive in directly, then this training is a huge success.

We have this video where a dog wait until his human say THREE only he allowed to eat. His owner even puts on some little trick where she said "THR". He's smart to understand the difference between "THREE" and "THR" and patiently waiting for it.


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