Golden Retriever Who Thinks She's a Baby Refuses to Give Up Pacifier. Never-Grow-Up (Video)

dog refuse to give up pacifier


No no no you're not gonna take my pacifier away from me. You go away your stinky hand. I'm gonna protect my asset, and you're not gonna take it from me. Just leave me alone~~

This adorable grown up Golden Retriever made that "scary" noise when her dad tried to grab her asset - her favorite pacifier LOL. According to her owner, she enjoyed the game so much, and she doesn't want him to stop trying to take it. The wagging tail as if trying to say come on, you aren't going to give up that easily. This is like a little love game between the two of them.

She doesn't like to share at all when she grabbed something, not even with her probably favorite human - her dad. Her attachment to this baby pacifier is serious business. We guess some dogs get over being a puppy pretty quickly but not this cute little one that just never let the puppy spirit go away.

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