Golden Retriever Throw Tantrum When Is Time to Leave The Park (Video)

Golden retriever throw tantrum when is time to leave the park

Who doesn't love dog seriously? Their behavior is like children who are so pure and direct just like this big baby who is throwing a tantrum at the dog park, trying his level best to stay and play.

This cute spoiled brat has the most patient owner ever, using different methods to get his butt off. He tried to lure him with sticks, but he thought a new game has just started. Pulling the collar a little bit but he continues lying down to enjoy the comfort of grasses.

Leaving with no choice, his owner walk away pulling the collar with him, and this spoiled child just stares at him, not keen to stand up at all. LOL, This stubborn little one carries on with playing dead, so confident that his papa will come back for him.

Watch the video below to see what smart trick that eventually got him stand up on his own. It is one of the methods that he used previously but just in a different way!

PS: This dog owner deserves some compliment. He's one of the owners that respect his buddy's temper. No forcing, no screaming, no kicking. Thumbs up for him :)


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