German Shepherd Has The Cutest Reaction Upon Realize Being Left Alone (video)

german shepherd scared being left alone

Have you ever wonder what the reaction of your furry is upon realizing that you're not behind as you were? Will he be worry? Or he is independent enough that he just doesn't care? This German Shepherd has the best reaction ever, and his worry face would melt your heart for sure.

This lovely buddy named Dogbert was walking with his human, Trevor Donovan. He set this up just to see how would he react upon realizing he is not behind and the video went viral with millions views and share.

He brought him out without a collar, knowing that he's a good boy who is calm enough to handle distraction. You can see from the video that he often looked back to check if his man was behind. Finally, Trevor managed to hide behind a tree without his notice.

Dogbert changed our perspective on German Shepherd, who is always the protector, the police K9 ambassador and the hero at the front line who knock the bad guy down. He shows us that they're just like any other dog who love their human so much and can't afford to lose them. (BIG HUG)


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