Chihuahua Requests Non Stop Kisses From Her Favorite Human

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How do dogs show affection to humans? This is undoubtedly one of the frequently asked questions by a lot of dog lovers. Even those who lived with dogs for years might misread canine language.

Dogs are mostly friendly. Please take note that we said mostly but not all. And therefore it is essential to watch your dog's body language to decide if petting is pleasant at that moment. Here are some ways for them to show affection:

1) A wagging tail speaks louder than anything especially those big circling tail and wagging butt! However, do walk away calmly when you see a dog's tail that is up over his back and stiff, it is often not a lets-be-friend tail.

2) Jumping! Dogs love to get closer to their favorite human, and therefore they like to jump on him/her to show affection. This is especially obvious when you went away from home for hours and then returned. They couldn't hide their excitement and jump to express happiness!

3) Lick and hug like this Chihuahua.


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